Diana Tiger Smith

Hi, I am Diana aka Tiger, Ex - Printer, Pub Land Lady, Taxi Driver, Croupier, Mature University Graduate in Bachelor of Sciences extended degree ( A level and above), Extras and Walkon, Glamour Model, Lap Dancer plus lots more and now Web Builder, Clothes Retailer and Entrepreneur

Sassy Minx is my creation and my passion. I started this business in 2001 as the Mobile Clothes Show initially but then changed the name in 2006 to Sassy Minx as it better reflected the business and the women its aimed at. A lot of people hear the name Sassy Minx and get the wrong impression of what this business is all about but I always understood the name Sassy Minx to mean sexy woman so hence I sell sexy clothes for women who love to dress sexy....no matter what you are doing, why not have the very best of everything!! So Sassy Minx is a name like River Island, New Look, Primark with a smattering of Ann Summers.

I have sold clothes at the markets, at Lap-dance clubs and parties but am now just selling on line as it means I can reach a wider audience plus spend more time sourcing gorgeous items.

I myself am 54 years old but absolutely love dressing sexily and always have females asking where I've got my fashion items....hence I started this business. I believe all of us females should love ourselves and take care of ourselves no matter what size or age as we are ALL beautiful. Men love women of all shapes and sizes and love to see women look good. Too many woman put themselves down or say they are past all of that......well girls you're not and you should stop thinking like that.

At the moment I am limited to what sizes I can get , especially with trying to keep the prices down but as I find better suppliers.....I will then be able to offer a larger range of sizes. Keep watching this space as the best is yet to come.

I am really looking forward to 2015 starting with the web shop being revamped so as to make it easier to search plus view easier on a tablet or mobile. I can't wait to launch the new site which I am working on as I write this text. Once the new site is launched I will be sourcing lots of new items as well as carrying on the massive sale to clear out all of the old stock to make way for lots more gorgeous items! I sooooo love shopping....we all love shopping and trust me once I've revved things up properly... you are going to love shopping from Sassy Minx because you will have your wardrobe stuffed full of so many gorgeous items from us!! We may even have to stamp a purse busting warning on the site! LOL. But talk is cheap so I'll stop talking the talk and lets see me walking the walk! I learnt a lot last year even though Sassy Minx was a bit static after my clothes shop falling at the 1st hurdle....I have a formulation in my head so now I just need to put it into action!

Diana Tiger Smith

Sassy Minx